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SpineNet is a complete solutions provider of spine fusion devices.
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The SpineNET Story

SpineNet is an Orlando, Florida-based limited liability corporation. SpineNet was founded in 2007 as a distribution company that rapidly grew into a product developer, manufacturer, and importer.

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SpineNet's primary business focus is on the development, production and sales of spinal implant devices with niche attributes, a unique surgical approach and pricing margins that make them attractive to surgeons, distributors, hospitals, ASCs and other ortho/spine device companies that have a void in their own spine product portfolio.  

To operate as a fully functional medical device company, SpineNet has aligned itself with specialized employees and contractors who have world-class expertise in engineering, manufacturing, QA / RA, and regulatory domains. SpineNet experience brings a high level of expertise in oversight in these processes, marketing and sales, strong distributor and customer relationships and, its network of key surgeon champions – who have committed to share their hands-on knowledge with SpineNet –  the result is a growing portfolio of superior, proprietary spinal implant products for the US market.  

Mission & Vision

SpineNet maintains a focus on patient outcomes in all that we do, and this is at the heart of who we are. Serving as a conduit for clinical education is a cornerstone of our business model and crucial to those we serve.
SpineNet has immerged into a development company in order to provide superior spinal implant devices for some of the most common fusion procedures performed in the US market and offer patients the best clinical outcomes possible.  SpineNet has charted a course to provide technological innovation, educate those around us, and help restore mobility and quality of life to your patients.

Strength in Numbers

SpineNet is not the traditional medical device manufacturer. It’s unique model-blending established contractors with oversight from an experienced sales and marketing management hub gives leadership time and space to pursue sales and marketing opportunities and generate revenue while layering sales in with its unique product offering.

Supplying or working with a strategic partner, SpineNet is positioned to lead and assist in managing sales and marketing support along with manufacturer of record responsibilities. This presents SpineNet as a viable option to traditional design firm developers as your company grows.  SpineNet believes it can thrive as a specialty developer, manufacturer, seller and licensor of differentiated, proprietary spinal fusion devices:

  1. Products that have unique clinical benefits
  2. Products created with input from SpineNet’s key surgeon champions
  3. Products positioned to take advantage of current and projected market demands
proprietary spinal fusion devices

Meet The Team

The management team brings a wealth of experience in founding and growing entrepreneurial ventures into world-class businesses. They have decades of hands-on skill in product development, timely delivery, effective marketing, sales and channel development, and executive management.

King Floyd
King FloydPresident

King Floyd

Founding President

King Floyd is an award-winning leader in the orthopedic & spine device industry. King has been a fixture in the orthopedic field for over 35 years, and he has a time-proven track record of success in sales & business development. Consequently, King has earned a reputation of trust and integrity with colleagues and customers throughout the US and around the world.

He has built several very successful businesses and worked with both start-ups and large-cap device companies.  King is a seasoned expert in managing and operating a business with a diverse sales organization in challenging market conditions.

Brenda Cabrera
Brenda CabreraCreative Director

Brenda Cabrera

Creative Director

Brenda Cabrera has been in the spine device industry for 16+ years.  She has a proven track record of being an A+ professional.  She is a great leader who is knowledgeable, focused, and diligent.  Her vast experience in sales, marketing and upper management has earned her a reputation of trust and integrity with colleagues and customers alike.

Teresa Cherry
Teresa CherryQuality Manager

Teresa Cherry

Quality Manager

University of Central Florida, 25 years’ experience in Quality Systems of Medical Device companies to ensure compliance with FDA QSR, ISO 13485, MDD, Canadian CMDR, Korean FDA, and ISO 9001. BSME, MSE, ASQ Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) and Certified Quality Auditor (CQA), Certified ISO 13485:2016 Lead Auditor through Oriel StataMatrix. Regulatory experience includes 510(k) submissions, IDE/Clinical Trial protocols, AI Responses, NSE Appeals, 483 Responses, Recalls, Safety Assurance Cases, and Warning Letter Responses.

Backroads Consulting, Inc.

Regulatory Manager/ Consultant- Karen Warden, PhD.

Case Western Reserve University / University of Virginia / West Virginia University, (PhD, MEBE, BSME) 35 years’ experience in the medical device field as Biomedical Engineer, Research, Product Development Engineer, Clinical instructor at Western Reserve University and Regulatory Specialist with activities that include development of mechanical testing protocols for the evaluation of implants, generation and review of FDA submissions, management and coordination of mechanical experimentation, scientific research for marketing documents and project management.


Tonia A. Wint, CPA


University of Central Florida, BS in Business Administration, Master of Science in Taxation – over 20 years of CFO / President experience in accounting and taxation experience in the fields of public, private and non-profit accounting. businesses.  She has experience in working within the industries of medical, dental, manufacturing and technology.

Mark VanValkenburgh, PLLC


New England Law Boston, 23 years’ experience in practicing law and is AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell.  He is focused on employment law and also serves as a mediator by the Florida Supreme Court for all civil matter and in the US Courts for the middle and southern districts of Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has SpineNet been in business?

SpineNet, LLC was founded as a Florida Corporation in 2007

Careers at SpineNET

At SpineNet we are always looking to hire smart, goal-oriented, interesting, and motivated individuals who can help us achieve our company’s vision.