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SpineNet is a complete solutions provider of spine fusion devices.
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Single-Screw Anterior Cervical Plate

The SpineNet SSP™ (Single Screw Plate) System offers maximum implant versatility and integrated instrumentation.


  • 1-4 Level Constructs
  • Lengths are available in 3mm increments
  • Low Profile Design – 2.2mm Max Thickness
  • Pre-contoured to accommodate patient anatomy and reduce intra-operative steps
    • Lordotic curvature of 200° radius
    • Medial curvature of 30°
    • Bendable for custom fit
  • CAM Loc feature engages screw head
    • for secure contact and prevent rotation
  • Anchor Spikes
    • Augment inter-operative fixation during plate positioning and screw insertion
  • Large slots in the plate at the intermediate levels
    • Graft / Cage Visualization
    • Facilitate Plate Alignment


  • 4.25mm or 4.65mm Diameters
  • Self-Starting
  • Fixed and Variable Angle Options
  • Sharp and Blunt Tip Options
  • Lengths: 12mm-18mm (2mm increments)
  • Color Coded
  • Variable or Fixed Drill Guide Options

Anterior Cervical Cage

The SpineNet ACC® is designed to reproduce a tri-cortical iliac crest bone graft in PEEK material and provide structural support as an interbody spacer for anterior cervical fusions. The superior and inferior surfaces allow for intimate contact with the endplate surfaces for optimum stability and to resist subsidence.

Anterior iliac crest bone graft is the gold standard of fusion material for ACDF.

  • Teeth on the superior and inferior surfaces.
  • Available in two footprints with multiple sizing options.
    • 10x12 footprint (5-10mm height)
    • 12x14 footprint (5-10mm height)
  • Windows allow bony growth to form a biological fusion.
  • Radiopaque tantalum rod markers for improved positioning.

Supporting Technologies

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Interbody Implant Systems
  • PLIF/TLIF/XLIF/CLIF & Stand Alone
  • Expandable Cages
  • 3D Printed Titanium Alloy & PEEK
  • Cervical Interbody
  • Standard/Stand Alone
  • 3D Printed Ti & PEEK

MIS Pedicle Screw System


Thoracolumbar Instrumentation


Cervical Fusion
  • SSP
  • Traditional Standard & Dynamic Options
  • Cervical Interbody
  • Standard/Stand Alone
  • 3D Printed Ti & PEEK

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SpineNet has built an outstanding reputation with surgeons and distributors who appreciate the fundamentals that this industry was built on—a relationship of trust and service with a focus on improving clinical outcomes with every possible opportunity.