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SpineNet SSP System-510K-Approved

SpineNet SSP System- 510(k) Clearance Received

SpineNet, LLC announces the 510(k) U.S.  FDA clearance of the SpineNet SSP System. The SpineNet SSP System is an anterior cervical plate and screw system which includes fixed and variable self-tapping screws and one thru four- level plates.  The implants are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate the individual anatomic and clinical circumstances of each patient.

The SpineNet SSP System intended for anterior screw fixation of the of the cervical spine (c2 to T1).  The system is to be used as an adjunct to fusion for the treatment of the following indications:  degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, trauma, spinal stenosis, deformity, tumors, pseudarthrosis or failed previous fusion.

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